BWCD 02CW77 Contracts for Consideration at BWCD March 12, 2013 Meeting

At its meeting on March 12, 2013, the Board of Directors of the Basalt Water Conservancy District will consider the following applications for a contract for inclusion into its 02CW77 decree, Ruling 2 of 2: (1)Contract No. 462 – Five Winds Investments, LLC (Lot 1),(2)Contract No. 452 – Five Winds Investments, LLC (Lot 2), (3)Contract No. 467 – A. Keith Weber, (4)Contract No. 470 – 2075 McLain Flats Road, LLC, (5)Contract No. 473 – Morgan D.B. O’Connell, (6)Contract No. 475a – Anthony James Grant, Kathryn Jones, Thomas A. Melberg Trust and Marilyn S. Melberg Trust, (7)Contract No. 477 – Henry Edward Booher, Jr. and Cherie L. Booher, (8)Contract No. 478 – Water View Apartments, LLC, (9)Contract No. 482 – Chaparral Aspen AH Condominium Association – Duplex, Inc., (10)Contract No. 483a – Pitkin Iron Homeowners’ Association, (11)Contract No. 484 – Bryan S. and Marjorie W. Weingarten, (12)Contract No. 487a – Aspen Lakes Ranch, LLC, (13)Contract No. 492 – David Simon Wagman and Callie Wagman, (14)Contract No. 508 – 2556 Lower River Road, LLC, (15)Contract No. 516 – David and Mary Solomon, (16)Contract No. 524 – Red Butte Ranch Homeowners Association, (17)Contract No. 529 – Kevin L. Patrick and Andrea M. Wendel, (18)Contract No. 534 – Louisa Woods Boudreau, (19)Contract No. 545 – B. Dale Eubank, (20)Contract No. 546 – Stephen B. and Joan F. Smith, (21)Contract No. 549 – The Dart Family Partnership Ltd., (22)Contract No. 551 – Robert C. Pew, III, (23)Contract No. 553a – Jason H. and Berkeley H. Downie, Michael E. and Beverley B. Frazier, (24)Contract No. 557 – City of Aspen, (25)Contract No. 560 – Kris Cox, (26) Contract No. 499b – Liberty River Properties, Ltd., (27)Contract No. 567 – Neligh C. Coates, (28)Contract No. 568 – Four Seasons Yard, LLC, (29)Contract No. 570 – James C. Kempner 1999 Residence Trust, Sharon M. Kempner and Mark L. and Kelley H. Purnell, (30)Contract No. 573 – Camilla K. Sparlin, (31)Contract No. 578 – Robyn A. Hudgens, (32)Contract No. 579 – John-Mark and Vanessa J. Piampiano, (33)Contract No. 584 – LCW Partners, LP, (34)Contract No. 589a – LW Development, Inc., (35)Contract No. 594 – McLain Flats Partners, LLC, (36)Contract No. 596 – Seis Ninos Ranch, LLC, (37)Contract No. 597a – Roaring Fork Meadows, LLC, (38)Contract No. 598 – The Carol R. Ward Revocable Trust Dated June 28, 1984 as Amended, (39)Contract No. 599 – SweetAspen Sunnyside, LLC, (40)Contract No. 600 – Chaparral Aspen Homeowners Association, Inc., (41)Contract No. 601 – Lazy Glen Homeowners’ Association, Inc., (42)Contract No. 608 – Alexis Tarumianz III and Nicole Tesi Tarumianz

Application materials may be accessed by clicking on the links above for each contract.

Interested parties may file comments with the Division Engineer within thirty days of the posting of notice on this website. Comments may be mailed to the Division Engineer at:

Division of Water Resources, Division 5 Engineer, 202 Center Drive, P.O. Box 396 with Zip: 81602 (mailing), Glenwood Springs, CO 81601, Phone: (970) 945-5665; Fax: (970) 945-8741.

Remember: All interested persons must file comments with the Division Engineer within thirty days of posting to this website.