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Basalt Water Conservancy District
PO Box 974
Glenwood Springs CO, 81602

Note: The application form is an Adobe Acrobat document. A free reader is available from Adobe: Download Here

What do I need to apply?

Only a property owner (Applicant) can apply for a BWCD water allotment contract. The Applicant must provide his or her name, address and telephone number. Additionally, the Applicant must provide a copy of the deed by which he or she took title to the property, including an editable legal description of the property.

Water Requirements: The water requirements for each contract will be computed by District staff based on the uses specified in the application. Alternatively, the water requirements for the contract can be calculated and submitted on behalf of the applicant by a professional engineer or hydrologist.

Governmental Requirements: You must provide the date on which County or other applicable governmental entities approved your property for the use under which you seek a BWCD water allotment. A copy of the governmental Resolution of other documentation evidencing such approval should be submitted with application.

Current Application Fees

Application Fee: $600Payable to the Basalt Water Conservancy District. The application fee is Non-Refundable.
Amendment Fee: $600Payable to the Basalt Water Conservancy District. The application fee is Non-Refundable.
Inclusion Fee: $800Please call to see if your property is located outside of the District taxing boundary. If so, a one-time inclusion fee will be assessed plus any publishing costs incurred by the District. If applicable, the Inclusion Fee is in addition to the Application Fee.
Recording Fee: $20-$40Filing fee assessed by the County Clerk and Recorder. Amount depends on the number of pages recorded.

Submission Deadline

Contract applications are considered for approval by the District Board of Directors at each Board meeting. Board meetings are held once per month on the second Tuesday of the month. The District has certain publication and notification obligations for contracts which will be operated under the 02CW77 decree. In these cases, applications for contracts must be submitted to the District at least sixty (60) days prior to the Board meeting at which the application will be heard. In cases where the contract will not be covered under the 02CW77 decree, the application deadline is three business days prior to the end of the month, in which case the contract may be heard at the next Board meeting. Please contact the District’s engineer at LRE Water (970) 945-6777 to determine which deadline is applicable to your contract.

Applications for inclusion of property within the District are handled on a different schedule due to statutory publication requirements. Contracts requiring an inclusion are considered by the Board after the Applicant signs the petition for inclusion (which the District prepares upon receipt of the inclusion fee) and the requisite publication of the Notice of Inclusion has occurred.

Submit To:

Basalt Water Conservancy District
PO Box 974 Glenwood Springs CO, 81602

or Via Email To:

Annual Assessment

If your application is approved by the Board, you will be awarded a water allotment contract and assessed an annual fee. The current fee schedule follows:

Use TypeContract Fee
Domestic/Municipal Use $242† per acre-foot plus $8 per each undeveloped unit and $20 per each developed residential unit.
Commercial Use $315† per acre-foot plus $8 per each undeveloped unit and $20 per each developed unit.
Industrial Use $399† per acre-foot.
Agricultural Use $85† per acre-foot, but may vary depending on crop and livestock watering requirements.
The Board of Directors may periodically adjust the fee schedule. All contracts are subject to a one-acre foot minimum charge.

Contracts with the District require the filing and adjudication of an application to the Water Court of Water Division No. 5 for approval of the Plan for Augmentation to utilize the contract water. The District periodically files “group” Plans for Augmentation for qualifying Area A contracts. Recently, the District adjudicated an “umbrella” type plan for augmentation in Case Number 02CW77, into which new qualifying applicants in Area A may be brought. In all events, however the District contractees will be assessed their pro rata portion of the District’s expenses in adjudicating the plan.

Assignment of Contract

The water allotment contract is associated with the property described in the contract. When the property is sold, the allotment contract must be assigned to the purchaser:

  • The District should be notified by calling LRE Water, at (970) 945-6777 at least 10 days prior to sale. In most cases the District’s attorney can complete the assignment forms prior to the closing.
  • Both the buyer and seller must execute the assignment.
  • All outstanding contract fees must be paid before the District will consent to the assignment.
  • The assignment fee is $550, payable to the Basalt Water Conservancy District.
  • The current contractee remains responsible for the annual fee until such time as the assignment is completed.