BWCD Releases Phase II of the Missouri Heights Groundwater Study

Beginning in 2008, the Basalt Water Conservancy District (District), together with the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB), sponsored Phase II of a groundwater investigation of the Missouri Heights region, a broad plateau located in the Roaring Fork River basin approximately 5 miles northeast of Carbondale, Colorado. The investigation was designed to evaluate the effect, if any, that increased residential development and changing land use patterns have had on the water levels of the local aquifers. The Phase II study involved the establishment of continuous groundwater recorders, development of a new, regional weather station, quantification of land use changes, and review of the region’s general water balance. This report documents the study methods, assumptions, results and conclusions regarding groundwater development in the Missouri Heights region.  The Phase II study was initially completed in 2014; however, the study was extended to gather more data and to confirm the trends and conclusions established in 2014.


The update to the study is available here: