BWCD 02CW77 Contracts for Consideration at July 10, 2012 Board Meeting

At its meeting on July 10, 2012, the Board of Directors of the Basalt Water Conservancy District will consider the following applications for contracts for inclusion into its 02CW77 decree, Ruling 1 of 2: (1) Contract_547-DeVan; (2) Contract_550 (Neiley/Maniscalchi); (3) Contract_552_Ross; (4) Contract_554_Kosch; (5) Contract_556_Grace_Church; (6) Contract_558_Turley; (7) Contract_565_Emma; (8) Contract_569_Jenson; (9) Contract_572_Fryingpan_Partners; (10) Contract_574_Ute; (11) Contract_575_Inglis; (12) Contract_576_Lee; (13) Contract_580_Badgett; (14) Contract_582_Brewer; (15) Contract_583_McCarney; (16) Contract 586 (LaFarge West, Inc.): (a) Application (LaFarge_Contract_586_Application); (b) Engineering Memo(LaFarge_Contract_586_Memo); (17) Contract_593_McClain; (18) Contract_604_Markle.

Application materials may be accessed by clicking on the links above for each contract.

Interested parties may file comments with the Division Engineer within thirty days of the posting of notice on this website. Comments may be mailed to the Division Engineer at:

Division of Water Resources, Division 5 Engineer, 202 Center Drive, P.O. Box 396 with Zip: 81602 (mailing), Glenwood Springs, CO 81601, Phone: (970) 945-5665; Fax: (970) 945-8741.

Remember: All interested persons must file comments with the Division Engineer within thirty days of posting to this website.